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The Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 envisages considerably increasing the share of renewable energies. Geothermal energy, using the heat captured in the deep underground, is one such source. In the "Bedretto Underground Laboratory for Geoenergies", ETH Zurich studies in close collaboration with national and international partners, techniques and procedures for a safe, efficient, and sustainable use of geothermal heat. To this aim, a unique research infrastructure has been established. It is located 1.5 km below surface in the middle of a 5.2 km long tunnel connecting the Tessin with the Furka tunnel.

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Second stimulation of the DESTRESS project

After first stimulations in November 2020, in the next days, Geo-Energie Suisse (GES) will perform another set of high-pressure injections at the BedrettoLab using a multi-packer-system. Read more about this here. April 2021

Start into 2021

Start into 2021

The Christmas break is over and the Bedretto Lab is running again. January 2021

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