Below, you will find a list of publications relating to research activities conducted in the BedrettoLab. As data will be acquired and publications written they will progressively be published below. The data sets which are made publicly available will also be published here.

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Hydraulic stimulation and fluid circulation experiments in underground laboratories: Stepping up the scale towards engineered geothermal systems

Gischig, Valentin S.; Giardini, Domenico; Amann, Florian; Hertrich, Marian; Krietsch, Hannes; Loew, Simon; Maurer, Hansruedi; Villiger, Linus; Wiemer, Stefan; Bethmann, Falko; Brixel, Bernard; Doetsch, Joseph; Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Nima; Driesner, Thomas; Dutler, Nathan; Evans, Keith F.; Jalali, Mohammadreza; Jordan, David; Kittilä, Anniina; Ma, Xiaodong; Meier, Peter; Nejati, Morteza; Obermann, Anne; Plenkers, Katrin; Saar, Martin O.; Shakas, Alexis; Valley, Benoît

Geology along the Bedretto tunnel: kinematic and geochronological constraints on the evolution of the Gotthard Massif (Central Alps)

Rast, Markus; Galli, Andrea; Ruh, Jonas B.; Guillong, Marcel; Madonna, Claudio

Estimating the Least Principal Stress in a Granitic Rock Mass: Systematic Mini-Frac Tests and Elaborated Pressure Transient Analysis

Bröker, Kai; Ma, Xiaodong

Multi-disciplinary characterizations of the BedrettoLab – a new underground geoscience research facility

Ma, Xiaodong; Hertrich, Marian; Amann, Florian; Bröker, Kai; Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Nima; Gischig, Valentin; Hochreutener, Rebecca; Kaestli, Philipp; Krietsch, Hannes; Marti, Michele; Naegeli, Barbara; Nejati, Morteza; Obermann, Anne; Plenkers, Katrin; Rinaldi, Antonio P.; Shakas, Alexis; Villiger, Linus; Wenning, Quinn; Zappone, Alba Simona; Bethmann, Falko

Permeability enhancement from a hydraulic stimulation imaged with Ground Penetrating Radar

Shakas, Alexis; Maurer, Hansruedi; Giertzuch, Peter-Lasse; Hertrich, Marian; Giardini, Domenico; Serbeto, Francisco; Meier, Peter

High-Resolution Seismo-hydromechnic Monitoring in Mesoscale Multi-stage Stimulation Experiment

Plenkers, Katrin; Krietsch, Hannes; Gischig, Valentin; Selvadurai, Paul Antony; Shakas, Alexis; Villiger, Linus; Hertrich, Marian; Giardini, Domenico; Maurer, Hansruedi

Field-Scale Characterization of Permeability-Stress Relationship in Bedretto Underground Laboratory in Switzerland

Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Nima; Ma, Xiaodong; Hertrich, Marian; Loew, Simon

The response of a fractured crystalline reservoir to natural pressure buildup: Experiment results from the Bedretto Lab

Shakas, Alexis; Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Nima; Hertrich, Marian; Wenning, Quinn; Maurer, Hansruedi; Brixel, Bernard; Zappone, Alba Simona; Rinaldi, Antonio Pio; Obermann, Anne; Ma, Xiaodong; Kaestli, Philipp; Linwood, Paul; Hochreutener, Rebecca; Wiemer, Stefan; Giardini, Domenico

Bedretto Deep Underground Laboratory for Geoenergies - a new Interdisciplinary Research Facility

Hertrich, Marian; Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Nima; Krietsch, Hannes; Ma, Xiaodong; Nejati, Morteza; Plenkers, Katrin; Shakas, Alexis; Driesner, Thomas; Loew, Simon; Maurer, Hansruedi; Meier, Peter; Saar, Martin O.; Wiemer, Stefan; Giardini, Domenico

GPR imaging of fractures in the Bedretto Lab

Shakas, Alexis; Giertzuch, Peter-Lasse

Hydraulic Characterization of the Bedretto Underground Laboratory

Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Nima; Dutler, Nathan; Brixel, Bernard; Hertrich, Marian; Loew, Simon

Bedretto Underground Laboratory for Geoenergies: Ongoing Activities and Future Opportunities

Plenkers, Katrin; Hertrich, Marian; Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Nima; Krietsch, Hannes; Ma, Xiaodong; Nejati, Morteza; Obermann, Anne; Reinicke, Andreas; Shakas, Alexis; Giardini, Domenico

In situ stress characterization in the Bedretto Underground Laboratory: implications for induced slip of pre-existing fractures/faults

Ma, Xiaodong; Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Nima; Hertrich, Marian; Gischig, Valentin; Jordan, David

Design of the seismic monitoring network for the stimulation experiments in the Bedretto Deep Underground Rock Laboratory

Hertrich, Marian; Villiger, Linus; Doetsch, Joseph; Obermann, Anne; Ma, Xiaodong; Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Nima

Inducing shear slip in an underground laboratory: Workflow to constrain the full stress tensor demonstrated by application to the Bedretto Underground Laboratory

Ankush, Singh; Ma, Xiaodong; Zoback, Mark D.

Preliminary in situ stress and fractures characterization in the Bedretto Underground Laboratory, Swiss Alps: implications on hydraulic stimulation

Ma, Xiaodong; Gholizadeh Doonechaly, Nima; Hertrich, Marian; Gischig, Valentin; Klee, Gerd da Fontoura, Sérgio A.B.; Rocca, Ricardo J.; Pavón Mendoza, José

Constraining a geological model of a shear zone by combining geophysical borehole logging and GPR

Shakas, Alexis; Hertrich, Marian; Maurer, Hansruedi; Krietsch, Hannes

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