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The BedrettoLab (Bedretto Underground Laboratory for Geosciences and Geoenergies) is a unique research infrastructure run by ETH Zurich making it possible to take a close look at the Earth’s interior. It is located in the Swiss Alps 1.5 kilometres below the surface and in the middle of a 5.2 kilometres long tunnel connecting the Ticino with the Furka railway tunnel.

Equipped with the latest technology, the BedrettoLab offers ideal conditions to conduct experimental research focusing on the behaviour of the deep underground when accessing and stimulating it. Such an access is required to advance scientific knowledge in various domains including geothermal energy and earthquake physics. It is also of relevance to develop novel techniques and sensors for these purposes.

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Drilling of additional FEAR boreholes started last week

The drilling campaign for the Bedretto On-Fault Observatory (BOFO) has started last week. The BOFO observatory is going to be part of the monitoring system of the FEAR project allowing us to closely observe any seismic activities in and around the fault zone, which is the study object of the FEAR project. The BOFO forms the first part of the FEAR integrated monitoring system that will ultimately be completed when the new side tunnel is finished and further boreholes can be drilled.

In the next two weeks, eight boreholes will be drilled with a length of 8 to 12 meter each. They are designed to place highly sensitive acoustic emission sensors in the shape of four tetrahedral arrays. 16 January

GEO.8 visited the BedrettoLab

Last week, the GEO.8 – European Alliance for Earth Sciences had their director’s board meeting and visited the BedrettoLab. 5 December 2022

Virtual Tour

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