Visiting the BedrettoLab

Visits are possible by appointment only. Please contact us if you are interested in visiting the BedrettoLab.

Guided Tours

Currently, the Bedretto Lab can only be visited by the media, partners and specialists. Due to capacity reasons we are unable to offer guided tours for the public at the moment. We aim at providing public tours in the future and we will advertise them on this website, in the newsletter, the Gazzettino and on our Instagram account.

Prepare for your visit

Please prepare for your visit to the laboratory as follows:

1. Read visitor information

Please read this document to know what to expect in the tunnel and to prepare yourself in the best possible way (clothes, conditions in the tunnel, logistics etc.). It is available in German, English and Italian.

2. Complete safety briefing

Before entering the tunnel, you must attend this online safety briefing and confirm by filling out a questionnaire. Please do both until two working days before the appointment at the latest:

1. Watch the film here (in English).

2. Once finished, fill out the questionnnaire here (in English).

You will find additional instructions about the Draeger gas mask here


Download the instructions on how to reach the Lab here (incl. meeting point, public transportation stop and timetable, car park).